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Super Mario Crossover 2

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Super Mario Crossover 2

Hey, guys! We have great news for you…

Do you like classic games? Then today is your lucky day!

I will continue introducing you a very special game in which you will encounter Mario, Zelda, and many other iconic characters in the same place. Guess what? Quickly go to Super Mario Crossover 2 and choose a protagonist before starting off your adventure.

Selecting the character is very important. Since each possess different fighting abilities and skills, make a wise choice that could help you process each level successfully.

In this new version, more characters are added, such as Bass from Mega Man 10, Sophia from Blaster Master, Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden and Luigi from Super Mario Bros.

Before playing, you must pick one character in order to send them to the Mushroom Kingdom. Similar to the first chapter, you need to guide the chosen hero to get over plenty of barriers and destroy all dangerous creatures. Don’t forget to take advantage of the hero’s special fighting skill to kill them as soon as possible. Along the way, let’s collect all the precious coins to enhance the hero’s budget.

Will your hero conquer Bowser and rescue the princess? Click PLAY to know!


  • In the second chapter, two new playable characters are added in your fascinating journey – Luigi and Bass as characters.
  • New skins and music added for all heroes
  • Bugs in the prequel will be fixed in the version 2.0

List of characters

Super Mario Crossover 2 Game Unblocked is the sequel to Super Mario Crossover. In this 2nd project, the creator still keeps the idea of combining all NES characters in one flash online game.

There are 10 playable characters that you’ll encounter in this part, including:

  • Mario, a short plumber with a great running skill
  • Luigi, Mario’s brother who is not good at running but can jump higher than Mario
  • Link, the protagonist from The Legend of Zelda that enable to attack enemies using a sword and boomerang
  • Samus can fire enemies with her arm cannon
  • Simon, the hero of Castlevania who can throw axes at foes
  • Bill is a very familiar character in Contra – he can avail his gun to shoot enemies from 8 directions
  • Bass is able to double jump and attack deadly creatures with his arm cannon allowing him to shoot in 7 directions
  • Ryu, from Ninja Gaiden, is a ninja often using sword and his special skill – throwing stars, climb and jump walls – to cope with enemies
  • Mega Man will make use of the Mega Buster to destroy enemies
  • Sophia III is a unique tank vehicle that can drive through all terrains


Unblocked Super Mario Crossover 2 was created by Jay Pavlina on Then, Zach Robinson and Mathew Valente have the responsibility for the further development.

If you don’t want to end the journey here, then simply tap Super Mario Crossover 3 and continue enjoying the fun.

Release Date

The version 2.0 was published on February 9, 2012.

Controls & Instructions

Play Mario Crossover 2 Unblocked with the keyboard only.

  • Tap left/right arrows to move backward/forward
  • Hit Z and X to jump and attack
  • Press C to make alternate strikes
  • Use Tab to alter weapons


Can’t wait any longer, right?

It’s time to enjoy Super Mario Crossover 2, all players. Please access this fantastic game immediately!

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1 votes, average: 5/5

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