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Super Mario Crossover 3

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Super Mario Crossover 3

Are you ready for another episode of Super Mario Crossover?

This fan game is finally back with the classic power-up system, brand new skins and levels. Feel excited yet, guys? You will play along with all classic characters from famous NES games, like Bill Riser from Contra Flash, Samus Aran from Metroid, and more.

Once choosing your most favorite character, let’s start the journey!

When jumping into Super Mario Crossover 3 Unblocked, please select a specific character as well as his skin. Then, hurry to go to the playing field to carry out the main mission – reach the castle successfully.

Take control of the hero; your objective is to guide him to jump and run so as to get through various obstacles as well as creepy creatures. Bear in mind that each character has their own special fighting skill.

Thus, avail the ability of the protagonist in order to pass every level successfully.

The ultimate mission in Super Mario Crossover the Series is similar as the original game; that’s, rescuing the princess locked in a dark tunnel. To bring her home, all you need is to take a very long adventure across 8 worlds. In the final stage, you’ll fight against Bowser in his lair.


  • A classic retro game with charming 8-bit graphics and new levels
  • Numerous characters with their iconic abilities or weapons
  • A collection of various different skins for each protagonist
  • Hidden bonuses in all stages
  • New mods are added to the characters’ behavior

Inspired by Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Crossover 3 0 Unblocked comes with absolutely new levels, compared to its prequels.

This special game also offers players amazing skins to each character. The gameplay is replicated from the original already appeared on 8 bit era consoles or available hardware.

What I like most in the third chapter is a list of available characters that you can navigate. They are equipped with their typical weapons as well as special abilities – this makes your journey in Super Mario Crossover Unblocked 3 much more easier helping you complete all levels real quick & fast.

List of characters

As mentioned earlier, the Crossover project adds a number of main characters apart from Mario the Plumber that players can relish. Similar as Super Mario Bros, you have to make a selection among all additional heroes once the game starts.

Each character, following other classic Nintendo Entertainment System games, utilizes different attacks and movements having the relation to the original.

These characters are:

  • Link from The Legend of Zelda: using a sword and boomerang
  • Mega Man from Mega Man: possessing the Mega Buster
  • Samus Aran from the Metroid games: using arm cannon or transforming into the ‘morph ball’ form
  • Luigi from Super Mario Bros: jumper higher than Mario
  • Bill Rizer from Contra: using a gun
  • Simon Belmont from the Castlevania games: having a whip and enabling to do the double jump.
  • Sophia the 3rd from Blaster Master: a tank vehicle
  • Bass from Mega Man 10: possessing arm canon that can shoot in 7 directions
  • Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden: utilizing a sword and throwing stars


Super Mario Crossover 3 is an upgraded version of the Super Mario Crossover Series created and developed by Jay Pavlina. Like the prequels, the third part was first presented on in 2013.

The ‘Super Mario Crossover’ project is a tribute to the classic NES game “Super Mario Bros”. If you have played Nintendo before, then you should know that incredible video game.  

Compared to Super Mario Crossover and Super Mario Crossover 2, the third chapter brings new gameplay, more advanced features and characters.

How to Play?

Control all the characters with Z, X and arrow keys.

  • Use the left/right arrows to move
  • Tap Z to jump and interact throughout the game
  • Press X to take action


Game Stats


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